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The yellow-reds were defeated with the goal that Fredy scored from the penalty at the beginning of the match. The Güney team responded to the goals of Esiti and Adis with German Podolski. At the 84th, Atinc determined the score and carried Göztepe to 51 points in the league.


The host Antalya started the match with a goal. In the third minute of the match, Eren was on the ground in the penalty area in the middle of Kudryashov from the left, with Esiti’s intervention. While the referee Atilla Karaoğlan showed the penalty point, Fredy who took the shot put his team ahead 1-0. In the free throw taken by Berkan from the right at 12, Diabate could not touch the ball in the back pole. On 31st, Halil perfectly dodged Kudryashov on the right wing and transferred the ball to Esiti, who was waiting outside the penalty area. Esiti hunted Boffin with a great hit: 1-1.

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In 66, in the middle of Halil’s right wing, Adis Jahovic rose very well in the penalty area and scored the goal that put Göztepe ahead 2-1. 30 seconds later, Podolski, in the middle of Bünyamin’s right in the Antalya attack, restored the score with a perfect head kick despite Kerim: 2-2. In the 84th minute, Berkan used the free throw from the left, and Atınç hit the ball bouncing from the ground. The ball hit the upper pole and met the nets: 2-3. In the 87th minute, Veysel, who stood out in the middle of Bünyamin, sent the ball to the goal with his head on the goalkeeper İrfan. Atinc prevented the absolute goal by interfering with the ball in front of the goal. Göztepe left the tough match with 3 points. HALİL SHOW
The successful winger of GÖZTEPE, Halil Akbunar, impressed the audience with his performance against Antalyaspor yesterday. Halil drew attention as the name that assisted in two goals scored by his team yesterday. The 27-year-old national player, who got out of his opponent and assisted Esiti in the first goal scored by the Sarıkırmızılılar, prepared the second goal by making a perfect middle for Adis in the second half. While Halil scored 9 goals in the league this season, he increased the number of assists to 11. ATINÇ BOTH THROUGH AND PREVENTED THE GOAL
Atinc Nukan, the backer player of GÖZTEPE, made a strong impression with his contribution to the score in the Antalyaspor match. Atınç, who performed well in defense, took Göztepe 3-2 ahead with the goal he scored in the free throw used by Berkan in the 84th minute. Atinc, this time, in the 87th minute, prevented the goal by 100% by bringing the ball past the goalkeeper İrfan in Veysel’s head in front of the goal line.

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