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In the 30th week of the TFF 1st League, Altınordu lost to Adana Demirspor 1-0 in the field.

13.04.2021, 21:38

10. In Adana Demirspor’s attack, which developed from the middle area every minute, Sedat Şahintürk, who shot from a point close to the penalty area and seeing the castle from the front, turned auta with a slight difference from the right of the round leather post.
In the 14th minute of Adana Demirspor’s attack on the left wing, Kaan Kanak centered the penalty area, Dibba, who found the ball in front of him, brought the leather round nets with a single touch. 0-1
In Altınordu, who attacked on the left in the 30th minute, Metehan Mimaroğlu turned the ball in front of the goal, and in the position of Enis Destan, who touched the ball, the leather round went over the goal with a small margin.
In Adana Demirspor, who attacked on the left wing in the 38th minute, Ezeh hit the ball with Sinan Kurt’s pass, but goalkeeper Erhan Erentürk gave the ball to the corner.

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50. In Altınordu attack, which developed every minute, Metehan hit the pole away from the left cross, and goalkeeper Muhammed took the ball to the corner at the last minute.
In the 67th minute, in the middle of Ahmet İlhan’s six passes, who entered the penalty area from the right in Altınordu, Enis could not reach the ball and could not benefit from the absolute position.
In the 69th minute, in the corner used by Ahmet İlhan from the right, Yusuf Yalçın hit the head, goalkeeper Muhammed slapped the ball on the corner.
In the 71st minute, in Adana Demirspor’s contract, Dibba entered the penalty area from the right with Yunus’s pass, and goalkeeper Erhan prevented the goal with his feet.
77th minute from the left, Kaan sent his middle to the penalty area, in Yunus’ head shot he went auta from the bottom of the leather round pole.

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