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Altınordu, one of the TFF 1st League clubs, agreed with the expatriate front libero Kürşad Sürmeli for the foreign transfer. Finally, it was learned that the 25-year-old football player, who plays for MVV Maastricht in the Netherlands, will sign a 2-year contract with the Izmir team.

12.08.2021, 11:24

Separating the ways with 10 players from last season’s squad, the red navy team, who agreed with the left wing Ali Dere from Istanbulspor and left wing Anıl Arıcıoğlu from Fethiyespor, made their 3rd reinforcement together with Kürşad.

He played for Quick 1888 Nijmegen Jugend, NEC Nijmegen, Achilles 29, FC Lienden, FC Dordrecht and MVV Maastricht in the Netherlands, Kürşad Sürmeli, who played for KVC Winkel Sport clubs in Belgium, and Adanaspor and Giresunspor in Turkey. The 1.90-meter expatriate football player also works as a defender and midfielder. On the other hand, it was stated that Altınordu, which is preparing for the Ankara Keçiörengücü match, which will play away on Sunday in the first week of the league, is not missing.

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Altınordu, who took action after being silent in the transfer for months, was defeated by a single goal in the 1st League Play-Off final last season and hooked Berkay Sülüngöz from Altay, who lost the Super League opportunity. It has been learned that the 25-year-old expatriate defender, who was eliminated from the black and white team, demanded his testimonial in return for his receivables, and that he would sign for Altanırdu if he solved the testimonial problem. Berkay, who previously played for FC Rapperswille and FC Vaduz in Switzerland, played in 22 games, 20 of which were in the first 11, in Altay, to which he transferred last season.

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