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A National Women’s Volleyball Team defeated Romania 3-1 in the first match of 2021 CEV Women’s European Championship Group D.

18.08.2021, 22:49

The side that started the match well in BT Arena in Cluj-Napoca, Romania became the home team. Although the Nationals took the lead at the end of the first set, where they made a lot of service errors, they could not maintain their superiority. Romania won the first set 25-23 and took the lead 1-0.

The crescent and star team, who played comfortably with Ebrar Karakurt’s scorer performance in the second set, won 25-10 and brought the situation to 1-1. .

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The national team won the third set 25-20 with its effective offensive performance and gained a 2-1 advantage. The “Sultans of the Net”, which started the championship jointly organized by Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria with a win, will face Ukraine on Friday, August 20 in their second match in the group.

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