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Trabzonspor lost to Roma at home in the first match of the UEFA Confederation League Play-Off Tour, making the tour chances difficult.


In the first match of the UEFA Confederation League Play-Off tour, Trabzonspor lost to the Italian representative Roma in the field, making the tour difficult: 2-1. In the 16th minute, Nwakaeme cleared his way from his opponents from the left diagonal and made his shot, goalkeeper Patricio controlled the ball at the bottom of the post. At 32, Nwakaeme avoided his opponents from the left side and headed into the penalty area. Hamsik hit the ball that bounced off the defense, and the leather round was stuck in the goalkeeper’s shot. In 38th, Karsdrop’s shot by Karsdrop, who took the ball in front of Shomurodov’s penalty area in the middle, followed the ball well that Mkhitaryan sent into the goal area from the left side in the 54th minute, and Pellegrini brought the leather ball into the nets from the right of the goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır: 0-1. Carnelius, who rose well in the middle of Peres from the right side in 64, went to the net from the left of the round leather goalkeeper Patricio: 1-1. In 81, when Zaniolo took a corner shot from the left into the goal area, Ibanez’s head shot came back from the post, Shomurodov’s ball hit Edgar and met the nets: 1-2. The match ended 2-1.

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TECHNICAL director Abdullah Avcı did not make any changes in the first 11 of the Yeni Malatyaspor match, which they won 5-1 against Roma in the first week of the league, and assigned the same team successively. On the other hand, Dorukhan Toköz, who was injured against Roma in the burgundy-blue team, was not included in the squad. Avcı recruited Abdülkadir Ömür and Koita, who were injured, and made them sit on the bench.

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