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Eskişehirspor Club President Mehmet Şimşek, Sporting Director Murat Daldık, company officials Murat Semiz and Siegmar Tittjung attended the meeting, and Chairman Şimşek took the first word. Şimşek said, “We made an agreement with Ms Sports. I would like to thank our Sporting Director Murat Daldik, who has put a lot of effort into making this agreement. Until this time, even the sponsoring company was given money by the clubs. But we will not give money. Fans will also sell their products. There are also projects that will bring income to the club. We cannot disclose these at this time. We are satisfied with the quality of the products,” he said.

3. the form will be voted on
Sporting Director Murat Daldık said in a statement, “MS Sports company researched Eskişehirspor. A company that has just entered the sports world… They wanted to work with us. The congress process took place and we are holding our ceremony today because there is no signing authority. We had to immediately report our two jerseys to TFF. Our third jersey will be determined by the fans. Voting will take place and the design of the jersey will be determined by our fans. MS Sports donated 500 saplings to the sapling campaign we started. They will also donate 500 pieces to the TEMA Foundation.”

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Contract for 3 years
Daldik also said, “There will be promotions as the competitions continue. Our sponsor company will cover the expenses of Karacabey, which will be our first match. Except for Eskişehirspor, they will not sponsor a team from Turkey. We sign a 3-year agreement. The uniform and training materials will be given to our team free of charge.

We knew Eskişehirspor
Company representative Murat Semiz said, “I have been in football since I knew myself. After we decided to do business in Turkey, we met with a famous company. We asked if there is a club that does not have a jersey sponsor. He said they also have Eskişehirspor and a few clubs. We started meeting with Eskişehirspor without wasting any time. We knew Eskişehirspor and its great supporters closely. We are very happy to have agreed with such a community.”

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