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Göz-Göz finished the first half with a draw against his opponent in the match where he could not produce a position. Returning a ball from the post with striker Ndiaye in the second half, the Izmir team could not prevent Tetteh’s goal at 56.

SPORTS In the Toto Super League, Göztepe lost 1-0 to Yeni Malatyaspor in the first match at home and was injured. The referee Bahattin Şimşek gave a penalty in favor of Yeni Malatyaspor when the bouncing ball hit Arslanagic in the middle that Mustafa cut from the right in the 15th minute. After the warning from the VAR room, Şimşek, who watched the position, canceled the penalty. At 38, Soner went down to the line and turned it into the penalty area. With Beykan’s touch, the goalkeeper Ertaç knocked the ball into the corner.

In İ54, in the middle of Halil from the right, Beykan landed the ball in front of the goal. Ndiaye’s hit on the front post returned from the round leather post. In the continuation of the position, the guest team came out very fast and the ball narrowly went out when Mustafa hit hard from outside the penalty area. Tetteh, who entered the penalty area with Aabid’s pass at 56, got away from his opponents and took his shot and put his team forward: 0-1.

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In the first match of the season in the SUPER League, Göztepe’s coach Ünal Karaman made the only change in the squad in the Yeni Malatya match. While Karaman did not change his defensive setup, he changed on the left wing. Cherif Ndiaye, who served on the left wing last week, served behind the striker in yesterday’s match. Unal Karaman gave place to Beykan Şimşek on the left wing while pulling number ten David Tijanic, who was not satisfied with his performance last week, to the bench. Beykan, who transferred from Ankaraspor at halftime last season, took place in eleven for the second time. Starting the game with striker Adis, Karaman did not evaluate the new signings Makana Baku, Kahraman Demirtaş, Lourency, Atakan Çankaya at eleven.

There was a reaction at the end of the match
While GÖZTEPE was defeated by Yeni Malatyaspor with a 1-0 result at home, the football played did not satisfy the yellow-red fans. The fans, who especially reacted to Berkan Emir and striker Adis Jahovic, reacted to the two stars as they left the game. Fans booed Berkan and Adis, who were sidelined by coach Ünal Karaman in the 76th minute. Thereupon, both players went straight to the dressing room.

GÖZTEPE met with the yellow-red fans for the first time yesterday after a long time. The stands, which have been closed to the fans for about 1.5 years due to the pandemic that swept the world, were opened to the audience for the first time at a rate of 50 percent this season. Göz-Göz, who went to Gürsel Aksel Aksel Stadium in İzmir for the first time after this decision stage, was longing for his number 12 supporters. Even the highs between management and fans during the week

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