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Positive development for Eskişehirspor

Former Eskişehirspor player Nzuzi Toko has recently sent a point deletion penalty to the club because of his receivables. It was learned that the Eskişehirspor administration, which took action immediately to solve the Toko file and prevent the 3 point deletion penalty, took an important step in removing the penalty. It is among the information that Eskişehirspor management met with the player and his lawyer, and a compromise was reached.

Eyes on FIFA

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Although the management on the subject has not yet made an official statement, it was learned that Toko filed a petition to FIFA for the cancellation of the point deletion penalty and FIFA will make the final decision for this file on Tuesday (tomorrow). If Toko’s petition is accepted, Eskişehirspor Club will be freed from the penalty of deleting 3 points.

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