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Beşiktaş is interested in Aleksandar Katai, the left winger of Serbian team Red Star.


A surprising name came to the fore for Beşiktaş, which continues its transfer efforts. It was stated that Red Star, the Serbian representative of the Black and Whites, was interested in the 30-year-old left wing player. According to the reports in the Serbian media, the scouts of the Istanbul team watched the match played by the Serbian team against Cluj in the Europa League Play-Off and liked Katai. The management will act according to the news from Sergen Yalçın, who will examine the report prepared by the scout team. It has been learned that Red Star is also looking forward to the offers to come to the player. The star, whose value is 4.5 million Euros, has a contract with the club until 2024. Katai transferred to LA Galaxy from MLS teams in January last season, but his contract was terminated due to racist posts by his wife. The Serbian player was later transferred to Red Star.

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According to the report from N’Sakala, who got sick in the Yeni Malatyaspor match, Beşiktaş can make a left-back transfer. The name on the agenda is Umut Meraş, who plays in Le Havre in France. Sergen Yalçın in Beşiktaş, who wants to increase the number of domestic players, also approved the transfer. While Umut gives up his debts to come to Beşiktaş, Le Havre wants 1 million Euros.

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