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Eskişehirspor will play 3 friendly matches
The camp program of Eskişehirspor, which started preparations for the 2021-2022 season last week, has become clear. In the statement made by Eskişehirspor Club, Red Lightning will go to Bolu on August 22. The Black and Red team, which will camp here at the Vonresort Hotel, will camp here until 29 August. Eskişehirspor will also play 3 friendly matches in the camp to be held on 22-29 August.

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Two workouts a day
He also continues to train in Eskişehirspor. Red Lightning, who started training later than many teams, continues to work by doing double training every day. In the morning exercises, the football players do strength and weight training, while in the evening training, ball training is done. Eskişehirspor is spending the first stage camp period intensely under the leadership of Coach Cem Karaca.

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