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The Sultans of the Net, who came to the semi-finals by beating their opponents one by one in the 2021 European Volleyball Championship, experienced great sadness by losing to Serbia 3-1. In 2019, our national team lost to Serbia in the final.


National Women’s Volleyball Team lost 3-1 to Serbia in the 2021 European Championship semi-finals. Starting the match played in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, with a 3-0 series, Turkey increased the lead to 5 points (13-8) in the first set. Capturing a 7-1 series with Boskovic’s effective performance, the national team fell back 15-14 against Serbia, then recovered and took the first set 34-32, which lasted 42 minutes. The side that started the second set well was Serbia with a 4-0 series. Continuing to score points with Boskovic, Serbia made the situation 16-12, but the nationals managed to catch the equality of 16-16. Leading 21-18 in the last section, Turkey failed to take advantage of the score and lost the second set 28-26: 1-1.

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Although our National Women’s Volleyball Team failed to show the desired performance in the first section, they came 5 points behind and still could not make it to the end of the third set, despite the equality of 19-19. Serbia took a 2-1 lead in sets with a score of 25-23. The national team, who made mistakes in the fourth set and broke away from the game, lost the set 25-13 and the match 3-1. Serbia, which won the last two championships, defeated Turkey 3-2 in the final match played in Ankara in 2019. Turkey will play the 3rd place match against the Netherlands, which was defeated by Italy 3-1, at 18.00 today.

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