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Having scored 1 point in the first 3 games of the league, İzmir team signed a 1+1 year contract with right-back Rıdvan Koçak, who left Menemen.


Altinordu, who could only score 1 point in the first 3 weeks in the TFF 1st League, continues to reinforce its squad. The red-dark blue team added Rıdvan Koçak, who played in Menemenspor last season and was in free status, as part of the transfer efforts. İzmir representative signed a 1+1 year contract with the 32-year-old right-back player. Rıdvan Koçak played for Orduspor, Körfez Bld, İskenderun Demir Çelikspor, Ünyespor, Adana Demirspor, Kahramanmaraşspor, Gümüşhanespor, Ankara Keçiörengücü, Bandırmaspor and Menemenspor in his career. Rıdvan Koçak, who played 310 official matches throughout his career, scored 30 goals in these matches.

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Rıdvan Koçak, who stated that he came to a very rooted club in İZMİR, said, “With my experience, I want to make a great contribution to my new team. Altınordu, who returned from the Super League gate last season, will finish the season in a good place again. We will reach the goal,” he said.

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