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Management scrambles for the transfer of young 22-year-old Nigerian right winger


SAfter making an ambitious start to the season in the Super League, Altay stumbling in front of the champion candidate Fenerbahçe, the management accelerated its attempts for the right wing reinforcement. The black-and-white management recently put Kelvin Arase, the young winger of the Austrian team Rapid Vienna, on its agenda. Upon the request of coach Mustafa Denizli, the staffs, who accelerated the transfer of the right wing, first conveyed their offer to the 22-year-old football player.
It was learned that the Nigerian football player, who started his career in Austria, was also willing to transfer to a league where he could debut. Arase, whose contract continues for one more year, is on the agenda to be rented due to the testimonial barrier. Black-and-whites want the young star by adding the option to buy to his rental contract

Born in Benin, NIGERIA, the 22-year-old winger started football in Austria. Kelvin Arase, who grew up in Rapid Vienna’s infrastructure, played for Horn and Ried teams in Austria on loan. The player played a total of 6 matches in the Champions League Qualifiers and the Europa League Qualifiers.

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Young football player Eren Erdogan, who was played in the last part of the Fenerbahce match played in the home field in Altay, managed to attract attention with his football in a limited time. The 20-year-old left winger, who was substituted for Gabriel in the 83rd minute by the coach Mustafa Denizli, was applauded for his bravery despite the hard hit he made in the 90+4th minute from far distance, although there was little to no goal. Eren made a statement on his social media account, “Always higher”. Eren, who was trained in the youth, took part in 14 games in 179 minutes in the 1st League last season and played with 3 goals and 1 assist.

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