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Before the critical Izmir derby in the Super League, Altay and Göztepe presidents came together. While Altay President Ekmekçioğlu said, “I wish İzmir will win a match,” Göztepe President Sepil said, “Competition always strengthens and promotes a city.”


SBefore the Altay-Göztepe derby, which will be played for the first time in 18 years, tomorrow, both club presidents came together. Altay President Özgür Ekmekçioğlu and Göztepe President Mehmet Sepil, who came together at the Traditional Media Meeting organized by the İzmir Sports Clubs Association Foundation (İZVAK), set an example by giving friendship messages before the derby.

Important Expressing that the score in the match is insignificant, Ekmekçioğlu and Sepil said, “The winner will be İzmir.” Altay President Özgür Ekmekçioğlu said, “I wish a match where the score is unimportant and in the end İzmir will win.

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Having competition and having a successful club in front of you also motivates you. Mr. Sepil provided great services to our city and to us. We learn a lot from them. He shows us a good friend, a good brother. We are in a friendly atmosphere with all our club presidents,” he said. “A good Friday night after 18 years, it will be a good game,” said Mehmet Sepil, “Izmir needs this. Competition always strengthens and promotes a city. Turkey’s interest is also of great importance. The match is not just any game, both Göztepe people and Altay people will want to be successful. All in all, one of 38 games. Regardless of the outcome, the competition will continue. Of course, I want my team to be successful. I wish success to Altay as well.”
GÖZTEPE President Mehmet Sepil announced that they will attempt to play the national game in Gürsel Aksel. Reminding that the Turkish Cup Final was played at the stadium, Sepil said, “Here, the quota is based on the audience, not the technical qualifications. I will meet with Hamit Altıntop, who is the Responsible Manager of the A National Team. It would be really nice if the Norway match was played by Gürsel Aksel.” >WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT EACH OTHER
“Sports will never end in İZMİR,” said Altay President Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, “We will always support each other. Karşıyaka lifted the transfer ban, we tried to support it. We are doing a voluntary task in a combative environment. The slightest support makes us happy. Being able to receive support when we knock on the door is also makes us happy”.

Mesut Sancak, Chairman of the Board of Folkart, which supports professional sports clubs in Izmir as a jersey sponsor, said, “Izmir took us to the e-commerce platform.

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