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While the yellow-dark blue team brought Diego Rossi, who wore Los Angeles form, to Istanbul, Hidemasa agreed with Santa Clara for the transfer of Morita.

SPORTS Fenerbahce, showing its claim to the championship by making 3 out of 3 in the Toto Super League, detonates bombs one after the other in the transfer. Los Angeles FC striker Diego Rossi, with whom Fenerbahçe had reached an agreement in principle the previous day, came to Istanbul yesterday. Having reached a happy ending in Rossi’s transfer, Fener management is preparing to detonate the second bomb with Morita. The staff, who have been negotiating for a long time with the Santa Clara club for the transfer of the Japanese player, reached an agreement with the Portuguese authorities yesterday afternoon.
It was learned that the SUCCESSFUL front libero put pressure on his club to play in Fenerbahçe. It is expected that Morita will come to Istanbul and sign a contract as soon as possible.

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