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The Chilean number ten contributed 1 goal and 1 assist in the first two weeks and 89 percent pass rate.

Cesar Pinares, who Altay added to his staff from Brazil’s Gremio team, dazzles with his performance. The Chilean star, who provided an assist for a goal in Altay’s first match at home in the first week, was number ten. The 30-year-old experienced football player, who guided the attacks of Altay, achieved an 89 percent accurate pass rate in the Alanyaspor match and made his quality speak. Pinares, who is specially prepared for the match to be played with Fenerbahçe in İzmir on Sunday, is saving his real performance for this important appointment. It has been learned that the coach Mustafa Denizli will give the Chilean player more responsibility in front of the Canary. While Pinares won the championship 3 times in his career, this season he aims to participate in the European Cups with the Altay jersey.

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