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It was learned that Furkan Balaban, who grew up from Eskişehirspor’s infrastructure, took care of him from the 3rd League in order not to pay the training fee for the club. Defensive player Furkan Balaban, whose contract with Es Es has expired and the management has been struggling for about a month to return, insists on not returning to the Black-Red team from which he grew up. Stating that they could not achieve a result in the meetings with the player and his father, Technical Vice-President Mete Yılmaz stated that Balaban could not go to the top league teams because of the training fee, and that’s why he was looking for a team from the 3rd League. Saying that the player, who has a training fee of 1 Million 100 Thousand TL for the Super League and 600 thousand TL for the 1st League, is looking for a team from the 3rd League in order not to pay this money, Yılmaz said that they continue their negotiations with Furkan Balaban, who wants to go to the 3rd League, and that they are in the lower leagues. He stated that they gave him two more days so that this player would not disappear.

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