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In the 8th week of the Super League, Fenerbahçe shared its trump card with Kasımpaşa in the field. Yellow-dark blue team won the match 2-1 at Ülker Stadium and scored 3 points. Mergim Berisha and Luiz Gustavo scored the goals that brought the victory to Canary.

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8. Fenerbahce and Kasımpaşa shared their trump cards in the week’s fight. Referee Atilla Karaoğlan blew the whistle in the match played at Ülker Stadium. The yellow-dark blue team, who won the tough match 2-1, got a high quality 3 points. minute Luiz Gustavo scored. Travnik scored Kasımpaşa’s only goal in the 53rd minute.

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Defeating Kasımpaşa 2-1 in front of his fans, Fenerbahçe extended its winning streak to 3 games in the Super League. Canary, who lost 2-0 to Başakşehir on 19 September, left the Giresunspor, Hatayspor and Kasımpaşa matches after the operation with 3 points.

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