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9 September İzmir Half Marathon witnessed colorful and exciting moments this year as well.


9 The September İzmir Half Marathon was held yesterday with a record participation. In the race, the athletes ran to be a part of İzmir’s liberation enthusiasm. The overall victory in the marathon was won by Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes. Kenyan Betty Jemaita Chepkwony won the first place in the general classification, with a time of 1.14.21 in women, and Ethiopian Getaye Gelaw in men, with a time of 1.02.42, in the race run on the track between Cumhuriyet Meydani and İnciraltı. While Hasibe Demir from Turkey 1.21.48 and Meryem Kılınç Gündoğdu shared the other places with 1.23.33 in women, Hüseyin Can took the second place with 1.05.06 and Ömer Alkanoğlu took the third place with 1.05.26. Participants from 7 to 70 created colorful images. Sultan Çolak, mother of our world champion gymnast İbrahim Çolak, also participated in the race.

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