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Ahmet Sagat in the 50th minute and Akanbi Rasheed in the 70th minute scored the goals that brought 3 points to the yellow and dark blue players in the breathtaking Aegean derby.


TMenemenspor, who lost their last 3 games in the FF 1st League, defeated Manisa Football Club 2-0 at home in the Aegean derby with the goals they scored in the second half. breathed a sigh of relief. In Manisa FK, which was loaded from the middle in the 15th minute, Anıl hit the ball from the left diagonal of the penalty area with Orgill’s pass in Manisa FK, and Batuhan swept away with his leather ball feet. At 35, Sadi hit the ball in front of the goal with a head shot in Anıl’s center from the left at 35. Even though Orgill touched the ball, the leather round narrowly left the field from above.

At 50, Ahmet on Rasheed’s pass. He hit the ball very hard from outside the penalty area, the ball met the nets: 1-0. Rasheed, who entered the penalty area with the ball he received from Ahmet in 70, made his place face to face with the goalkeeper: 2-0. The struggle ended with this result. While Menemenspor increased its score to 6, Manisa Football Club got their second defeat in a row and remained at 9 points.
Menemen Coach Cenk Laleci made high-quality changes in eleven in the Manisa FK game yesterday. In the yellow-dark blue team, who were defeated 6-2 away to Adanaspor last week, 6 players who took the field in this match were not taken to eleven yesterday. In defense, Laleci gave Sinan instead of İlyas, Kerem instead of Ömer, Mete instead of Emre Batuhan, Pote instead of Sabbah, Cem instead of Alhassan and Emre instead of Berkan. He gave Ozer a chance. Laleci assigned Ahmet Sagat this time on the wing in the offensive line, using the Pote at the forward end

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MINI COMMENT/ Burak Hakerler

Conceding 6 away goals from Adanaspor just 4 days ago in the TFF 1st League, Menemenspor exploded against Manisa FK, the flash team of the league, yesterday. Menemen Coach Cenk Laleci has studied the championship favorite Manisa team well. Laleci applied a rational tactic, especially in the first half. Accepting Manisa FK in his own half in the first 45, Menemen did not let his opponent down with man-to-man defense. The thought of Manisa not using the wings, but hanging with Orgill behind the defense with intermediate passes from the center was stuck in the Menemen defense. Mazlum and Kerem, who took a very good position, did not let the stars of Manisa shine. In the first half, the yellow-dark blue people did not go too far against their opponent, and this time they started to seek goals in the second half. It was not difficult to pass the triple defense of Manisa. While Ahmet and then Rasheed’s goals carried Menemen to two different advantages, Manisa was bewildered. Obviously, Manisa FK Izmirli has underestimated his opponent. Menemen won a well-deserved win and showed that the matches are played and finished on the field, regardless of the budget and the quality of the squad. Good luck to you…

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