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Göztepe’s coach Ünal Karaman, who will face Fraport TAV Antalyaspor in the first game of the 2021-2022 season in the Super League, stated that they had a good preparation period and said, “We look to the future with more confidence and more hope.” said.

14.08.2021, 10:36

Karaman, wishing the new season to be beneficial for the football community in his statement to the press, said, “I hope it will be a season in which everyone can get answers to what they expect. From our point of view, the attitude and behavior befitting the spirit of the sport, and the uneventful past. May everyone grant us to complete it with dignity as a league deserved by those who deserve it.” Expressing that some things are getting harder in Turkish football day by day, Karaman continued his words as follows: There are criteria that UEFA has brought within itself and sent to all member countries. UEFA brings a lot of criteria, namely infrastructure, administrative, legal, financial, sports “I’ve been trying to serve in these fields for as long as I can remember. I wish my country’s resources to be used more consciously, more logically and more rationally. In general, some things are just words. I expect to be treated a little more sensitively.”

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Karaman, wishing that the players that the clubs added to their squads with large budgets will contribute to the development of the country, said, “I hope there will be no disappointment. little. After all, we are on this ship and we are affected too. Unfortunately, we cannot have such a vulgarity.” br>Karaman stated that necessary reinforcements will be made if needed and concluded his words as follows:

Hopefully, our friends will meet our and their own expectations on the field without needing more reinforcements. I hope we will show our community and fans a good, lively and aggressive Göztepe team that knows what it wants. During the preparation period, we could not play with teams that we could test ourselves. What is our plus, to protect our skeleton staff from last year in one way or another, to know how far the limits of our staff go
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