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In the 3rd minute of the match, the guest team took the lead with Lobjanidze’s goal. Yellow-Reds responded to this goal with Feghouli at 30. Istanbul representative got three points with Luyindama’s goal in 88.


Starting the season in the Super League by beating Giresunspor 2-0, Galatasaray defeated Hatayspor on the field with a goal in the last minutes of the match, where they fell back: 2-1. In the 3rd minute, Kamil Ahmet, who picked up the ball on the right, gave the cake from the ground into the penalty area, and Lobjanidze’s shot went to the round leather nets: 0-1. At 10, Diagne handed the ball to Berkan. He entered Berkan’s penalty area with dribbles and left the pass to Diagne. Hatayspor’s defense intervened and removed the ball before Diagne. At 30, the cake given by Kerem returned from the round leather post and remained in front of Feghouli in the shot of Cicaldau, who got the ball in the penalty area. The ball hit the net when the Algerian player hit his arrival: 1-1. In 43, Emre Çolak’s corner kick was taken from the right, and Fatih Kurucuk’s head kick on the back post was hit by goalkeeper Muslera.

In 49, Kerem thought of the castle in front of the penalty arc, and the ball went slightly sideways. In 69, Fatih put his foot on the ball before Diagne, which Kerem turned the ball in the penalty area and sent the ball to the corner. In 70, Diouf hit the ball, which Saba turned into the penalty area, and the ball remained in Muslera. Luyindama, who hit his head in the corner used by Ömer from the left wing in 88, determined the score: 2-

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Hosting Atakaş Hatayspor in the second week of the SUPER League, Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim made 5 changes compared to the first 11 of the last Randers match. Fatih Terim backed up Yedlin, Alpaslan Öztürk, Emre Kılınç, Emre Akbaba and Mustafa Muhammed, whom he assigned in the starting 11 in the Randers match. Terim replaced these players with Boey, Nelsson, Cicaldau, Feghouli and Diagne.

HATAYSPOR Coach Ömer Erdoğan made 3 changes in the first 11 of the first week of the Kasımpaşa match. Ömer Erdoğan took Onur Ergün, Kamara and Burak Öksüz, whom he assigned in the starting 11 in the Kasımpaşa match, to reserve. Erdogan played Falette, Lobjanidze and Fatih Kuruçuk in the Galatasaray match.

There was NO FALCAO
COLOMBIAN striker Radamel Falcao was not included in the 21-man squad. Falcao, who entered the Randers match later, was not included in the squad of Atakaş Hatayspor.

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