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While five players were being sacrificed, Altınordu officially aspired to Berkay Sülüngöz. No agreement was reached between the parties.

In Altay, which has made a very good entry into the league by ending its longing for the Super League after 18 years, the management makes accurate transfers in line with the report of coach Mustafa Denizli, while the black and white players remain in the squad. He wants the 5 unconsidered football players to find a club for themselves as soon as possible. While the Izmir team is reporting its 28-person cast to the federation, a club is sought for expatriate defender Berkay Sülüngöz, central defender Gencer Cansev, left-back Mehmet Erdem Uğurlu and left wing Ziya Alkurt, as well as Jasmin Scuk, who was discredited in Altay. It was stated that Erzurumspor was interested in Mehmet Erdem, but no agreement was reached.

While Alkurt’s name was mentioned with Denizlispor, it was learned that Alkurt, who met with the management, could not reach an agreement. It was learned that while Altınordu was involved for Sülüngöz, the negotiations between the parties ended negatively.

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At the end of 30 matches played in the first 3 weeks in the SUPER League, Altay was the only team among 20 teams that did not receive a card. After the coach Mustafa Denizli’s statement before the season, “We will make football fans watch a gentleman team,” it was noteworthy that the black and white team competed in this way in the first 3 competitions, both in terms of game and Fair Play. 19 players in Altay did not make a move that required a card. The team with the most cards in the first 3 games in the league was Hatayspor with 10 yellow cards. Alanyaspor took the lead with 2 red cards.


Gencer Cansev, who was asked to find a club in Altay, joined the Izmir team from Ankaragücü in the 2018-2019 season. The 32-year-old football player played in 29 games that season and 13 games in 2019-2020. Cansev could not play last season due to injury.

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