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The green-red team left Esenler Erok away without points in the first appointment of the season played in the 3rd League 3rd Group. The only goal came from Talha at 54.


Competing in the TFF 3rd Division 3rd Group, Karşıyaka returned with no points from Esenler Erok in the first match of the season: 1-0. The green-red team, which has passed the transfer board a short time ago, was ineffective in the goal ways of the fight with Yusuf, Harun, Metin Peker, Burak, İlyas, Samican, Mustafa Çalışkan, Namık Çelik, Mustafa Aşan, Abdülkadir Akyıldız, Doğukan İnci. Although the first half of the match, played at Esenler Erok Stadium, passed with mutual attacks, it was completed goalless. The home team started the second half more effectively. In the 54th minute, Esenler Erokspor gave Talha team a 1-0 lead from Erbaaspor. After this goal, although the representative of Izmir pressed to catch the equality, he could not find the goal he was looking for. In the 90th minute, Abdülkadir Akyıldız was suspended with a red card. The 28-year-old player of Kaf-Kaf will not be able to take part in the Icel İdmanyurdu match, which will be played in İzmir next week. While the result did not change in the last moments, Karsiyaka closed its first appointment with a defeat: 1-0.

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