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Manisa Football Club, which started the season like a storm with the victories of Istanbulspor and Denizlispor in the TFF 1st League, defeated Gençlerbirliği 3-0 in the 3rd week in the capital, by making 3 out of 3 in the national match. entry. In the 20th minute, Kazenga, who took the pass of Barış Alici, made his shot from outside the penalty area, and the goalkeeper Birkan took it. Manisa FK scored in the 24th minute. Kouter, who controlled the ball in front of the Gençlerbirliği defense, who warded off the pass that Orgill sent into the penalty area at this minute, swung the nets with a hard kick: 0-1. Kazenga, who carried the ball from the midfield to the inside of the penalty area in the 38th minute, threw the ball from the left diagonal, and the goalkeeper Birkan threw it.
Orgill remained on the ground during the Manisa FK attack in the 53rd minute, and the referee pointed to the white spot. Nizamettin Çalışkan, who took his ball for a penalty in the 54th minute, sent the ball and the goalkeeper to separate corners: 0-2. Tormin, who took the ball left diagonally by Nizamettin in the penalty area in the 80th minute and passed the defense of Gençlerbirliği, sent the ball to the net: 0-3. Orgill goalkeeper Ramazan, who hung behind the defense in the 84th minute, hit badly against him, Manisa FK became golden. The fight ended 3-0.

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Nino Kouter and Guevin Tormin, one of the flash transfers of MANİSA FK, made an appearance against Gençlerbirliği away from Başkent. The offensive player, Kouter, who was included in the squad from Solvenya’s Mura team, aired the Gençlerbirliği nets and scored his first goal. French winger Tormin also experienced the joy of scoring for the first time with the Manisa FK jersey.

Manisa FK dazzles with its scorer identity. Black-whites, who scored 4 goals away from Istanbul in the first week of the league, shook Denizlispor’s nets last week. The Aegean team, which scored 3 goals yesterday, reached 8 goals in total, while conceding 3 goals in this process.

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