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The dark blue-white club, which started the season with a defeat in the 3rd League 3rd Group, hired Kadir Kurt from Denizlispor for 1 year on the last day of the transfer.


3. Fethiyespor, which entered the season with the goal of championship in the 1st Group of the League, but started the season badly by losing to Kırıkkale Büyük Anadolu, reinforced the defense. The Dark Blue-Whites have hired young defender Kadir Kurt from Denizlispor, one of the TFF 1st League teams, until the end of the season. The 22-year-old defender, who was on loan at Kızılcabölükspor in the 3rd League last season and played 1 game in the cup and 21 games in the league, started 2 games in the first 11 in the 1st League with Denizlispor this season. After the transfer process in Denizlispor, Kadir took the road to Fethiyespor on loan. He played 53 matches in his career.
Kadir Kurt, who grew up with Denizlispor infrastructure, plays in the U-19 team and is on loan in Denizli BŞB, became a star in Denizlispor U-21 team. The young defender, who successfully worked for Kizilcabölükspor on loan for 2 seasons, agreed with Fethiyespor until the end of the season. Kadir Kurt played in 53 matches in his career. The young player served in 18 matches for Denizli U-19 team and 41 matches for U-21 team.

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