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The excitement started in the 6th week of the Super League. In the first matches of the day, İzmir team hosted Altay at Çaykur Rizespor field. The fight ended with a 2-0 advantage of the visiting team. The goals that brought the victory to Altay came from Björkander and Bamba. Thiam was out of the game with a double yellow card in the 68th minute for the Izmir team. 90+1 scored the only goal of Rizespor in the fight. minutes recorded by Bolasie.

21.09.2021, 16:49 Update Date: 21.09.2021, 19:20

The excitement continues in the Super League. Rizespor and Altay faced each other in the 6th week of the league. Izmir team won the match 2-1 with goals from Björkander in the 44th minute and Bamba in the 73th minute. Altay also finished the game with 10 players in 68, with Khaly Thiam receiving a red card for his second yellow card. 90+1 scored the only goal of Rizespor in the fight. Bolasie recorded in minute.

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After this result, Altay increased his score to 12 by getting 4 wins and 2 losses in the remaining 6 matches in the league.


The Black Sea team, which could not make an effective start to the Super League this season, had 1 draw and 5 losses in the remaining 6 matches. Rizespor, who had 1 point after 6 weeks, scored 4 goals and saw 13 goals in his castle. will be a guest.

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