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After coming to the administration, we did a good job in a short time. We made the issue of jersey sponsorship official. We managed to keep Buğra Çağlıyan and Tolga Yakut in the squad. We are meeting with those whose contracts have expired. We have submitted our offers and are waiting for a response. Bolu camp is set. Our bus was broken, we had it repaired. We’re going door to door trying to sell lodges. We have friends working on LED screens.”

Things are going hard on me
“The football players of this city, whom we address as children, are almost running away from Eskişehirspor. I also saw those who went for a signature fee of 30 thousand liras, I saw those who demanded an annual salary of 400 thousand liras, and I saw those who said they would never play for Eskişehirspor again. It’s hard for me to witness these. I don’t understand why you would go to a district team with a population of 50-60 thousand when there is to play football in front of 10-15 thousand fans in a football city.”

She wants to be the Second Anchor
“The most important reason for choosing Cem Karaca is that he knows the players. Mustafa Özer was an assistant teacher at the time. It was said that there is a very good name like Erhan Albayrak in his team. Our Sporting Director and our executive friends gave positive information about Cem. Frankly, I didn’t know the teacher very well. I was completely on the financial side of the business. He demanded a very reasonable salary. He told me, ‘I came here to be a second Fuat Capa. I will work hard and prepare these players for the matches,” he said.

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We will close the FIFA file
“We talked to ETİ. Eti is the most important supporter of this club, God exists. They continue to be the pride of this city. They provide a sponsorship support according to their own budget. I wish we were in the higher leagues and they would give more. Firuzhan Kanatlı was very close to us. We told you that if the sponsorship is realized, we will get rid of a big FIFA file with this money. It was a good meeting. We can get sponsorship in front of Eskişehirspor name. Our priority is to close the file.”

We will trust the staff
“We have to rely on the squad we have. Either we will open the transfer, add debt to debt and get even more debt. Or we will rely on the staff when dealing with the files. We will try to pay the salaries of our players regularly so that they can have peace of mind. If there is no athletic success, the actions are meaningless. If the files are disrupted, a penalty will come. If there is a sporting failure, there is a solution. There is an interim transfer window in January. In order to enter January with hope, you need to be at a good level in files. We have to strike the balance.”

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