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The new board of directors of Manisa Football Club, one of the TFF 1st League teams, which has not seen the face of defeat in the last leagues it played for 41 weeks, was introduced with a ceremony.

02.09.2021, 15:29

TFF 2nd League Manisa FK 1st League, which was undefeated after losing to Pendikspor in the 26th week of the 2019-2020 season, and completed its 36-week league adventure undefeated in the 2020-2021 season and became the champion. He is running towards a record that is hard to break by winning 3 wins in the first 3 weeks of . The new board of directors of Manisa Football Club, which has not been defeated in league matches for 41 weeks, was introduced with a ceremony held at the club’s Halil Onultmak Facilities. Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of the Board of Manisa FK Mevlüt Aktan said, “I hope we will take the first step together as the board of directors on how we will bring Manisa FK to the point we dreamed of. Manisa Football Club has come to a certain place, it is doing well, it will continue to do well. “Continuity and stability are the sine qua non of the club. We show this. We started well, we are doing well, but we have to be patient. Maybe this year may not be the case, we will give everything to make it happen. Even if it doesn’t, this club will continue. Likewise, it will have goals and dreams,” he said.

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Answering the question about the crisis with Manisaspor from the past to the present, Aktan said, “We could not leave football empty in Manisa. At this point, we could not express ourselves fully. We were aware that it would not be accepted according to the history at that time. We did not spend the ‘s’ of politics here. We didn’t do anything. We just tried to get support. Manisa Football Club will make an opening. We will make it public. I have the shares of Manisa FK, but in the coming period, both for the branding of Manisa FK and for the branding of Manisa FK, I gradually transferred this club to Manisa. “This club is Manisa’s club. Never forget that. We will open to the public, to Manisa, everywhere. We are now open to Turkey outside of Manisa. We have a really good line here. We need to continue this line inside as well.” We carry the name of Manisa. You can only achieve unity and solidarity with sports. It is very difficult outside of sports. We will make mistakes, there will be failures.

There is no permanent success in football. No club in the world has this. Critics will be open-minded, wanting to get in the way. This is what is happening not only in Manisa, but throughout Turkey and the world. we know these

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