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Ajax panic gripped Beşiktaş after their first defeat of the season against Altay in the Super League. The black and white team, which will face Ajax in the second match of the Champions League Group C, tomorrow, plans to take special precautions for the Dutch team, despite the large number of deficiencies. Defeating Groningen 3-0 in the home field for the last time in the league, Ajax is at the top by increasing its points to 19 in 7 games. Coach Sergen Yalçın will lock the strikers of the red-white team, who scored 35 goals in 8 matches in the Champions League and Dutch League and conceded only 2 goals.
The Dutch team’s top scorer was Haller with nine goals, while Todic and defender Mazraoui each scored 4 goals. It was learned that Sergen Yalçın, who had difficulty in forming a squad due to injuries, gave Atiba the task of stopping Haller, the opponent’s goal gun, in defense.

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