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Menemenspor’s young coach did not break the squad against Eyüpspor.

In Menemen, who defeated Manisa FK in the last two matches and drew with A.Gücü on the road, coach Cenk Laleci chose stability against Eyüp. The young coach did not make any changes in the eleven he took on the field in the last two games. Menemenspor fans did not leave the team alone yesterday. The exit from the last two games was reflected in the stands. While the match was followed by about a thousand fans, the yellow civetliler supported their team without being silent for 90 minutes. The new transfer of Menemenspor, Lebanese Sabbah, scored a goal as soon as he entered the game while he was undressing as a substitute yesterday. Sabbah, who entered the game in the 85th minute, scored the draw goal a minute later, earning his team three points worth gold.

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