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Yellow-dark blue team took the lead with Rossi in the 17th minute. On 29, Novak doubled the lead. In 70, Louis from the home team narrowed the lead to one.


Beating Giresunspor in the Super League last week, Fenerbahçe also beat Hatayspor on the road and made it twice: 1-2. Meeting the ball in the penalty area with Mert Hakan’s pass in the 3rd minute, Rossi’s shot went wide from the top. Enner Valencia, who met the ball on the right wing with Mert Hakan’s long pass at 17, dribbled his opponent into the penalty area, and Rossi, who was in an empty position, sent the ball into the net: 0-1. In the corner shot used by Mert Hakan on the 29th, Novak sent the ball to the back post with Valencia’s head on the front post and brought it together with the nets: 0-2.

At 42, Valencia met the ball in the penalty area, and after stealing the goalkeeper, he hit the ball, but Fatih Kuruçuk took the ball off the line. Goalkeeper Munir was successful in the position where Berisha, who was advancing very fast with the ball he grabbed in the midfield in 57, faced Valencia goalkeeper who met the ball in the intermediate pass. Dylan Louis, who was in the middle of Kamil Ahmet’s penalty area and empty on the back post at 70, sent the ball into the net with a smooth shot: 1-2. In the 90’s, the ball returned from the post when Serdar Dursun, who was in an empty position on the back post, from the right to the middle of Osayi. The match ended 2-1.

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Mesut Özil, the world-famous star of Fenerbahçe, started the match in front of Hatayspor on the bench. Coach Vitor Pereira made Mesut sit next to him, thinking about the critical challenge to be played with Olympiakos. Mesut was included in the game in the 82nd minute.

Facing Atakaş Hatayspor away in the 7th week of the Super League, Fenerbahçe’s coach Vitor Pereira made 3 changes in his squad according to the last GZT Giresunspor match they played in the league. Pereira included Mert Hakan Yandaş instead of Serdar Aziz, Muhammed Gümüşkaya instead of Osayi-Samuel, and Berisha instead of Mesut Özil in the starting lineup. On the other hand, Vitor Pereira made an intense objection to the referee, who gave the throw-in to the opposing team after a position in the first half of the match. The referee of the match punished the Portuguese with a yellow card.

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