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The young coach did not make any changes in the first 11 against Bandırmaspor after his appointment with Erzurumspor.


L Menemenspor started by beating Erzurumspor 2-0 in the match played at home, and coach Cenk Laleci was also the top 11 away from Bandırmaspor. it didn’t break. Choosing stability, the young coach played Batuhan Şen in the goal, while Ahmet Sagat, Alhassan, Ba, Toni Gomes and Rasheed, who are the key figures of Erzurumspor match, once again took the field at 11 o’clock. Kerem Paykoç, Sabbah and İlyas Bircan were also among the reserves in the İzmir team. The management also gave morale to the players by making a full squad match. While Menemenspor supporters were not allowed in the stadium due to the corona virus, nearly 1500 fans gave great support to Bandırmaspor throughout the match.

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