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Morals are down
Eskişehirspor, which started the season with the victory of Karacabey Belediyespor and drew with Şanlıurfaspor in the second week, was defeated by Kırklarelispor 3-2 in the third week. Es Es, who fell behind 2 times in the match where he left the field without points, but did not quit the match, constantly equalized the score. However, the morale of the Red Lightnings, which left the field with a 3-2 defeat due to an individual mistake in the defense, broke down.

Roe got a hand
Seeing the demoralization in the locker room after the match, Coach Cem Karaca immediately tackled this situation. Karaca, who took action to eliminate the morale of his players, made a speech here. Karacan said, “We lost only 1 match. In football, there is defeat as well as defeat. The important thing is to learn from mistakes and not to make those mistakes again.

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We fought well
In addition, the young coach said, “We fought well in the match of Karacabey and Şanlıurfaspor. I am happy with your performances in this match as well. However, our mistakes led to the loss of points. We are the ones who will fix this. Just trust yourself. I trust you. Now we will forget this match and focus on the Pazarspor match. I believe we will get a good result in front of our fans,” he motivated his players.

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